About IoT Evolution Conference and Expo

IoT Evolution provides attendees with an understanding of how M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the driving forces behind improving efficiencies, driving revenue opportunities and solving business problems across multiple industries and in nearly all business functional areas. Attendees will learn how to use IoT solutions to create an ecosystem for actionable data, information and efficiencies for a myriad of different applications including retail, medical and smart home/building applications as well as cross-industry applications in big data, security, and logistics. (Includes transportation, fleet management, and demand response). IoT Evolution’s conference content will have a strong focus on how enterprise IT and enterprise business processes will change based on the capabilities inherent in connected devices, sensors, controls and cloud computing.

Industrial Controls and Factory Floor

Participated in a panel of IoT experts to discuss the use of IoT for industrial controls of a factory floor.

Investments in technology on the factory floor are historically driven by the need to increase productivity and improve quality. However, today’s competitive business environment requires that industrial solutions not only address production and quality demands but enable innovation to support bottom-line results.

IoT and Sustainable Resources

Participated in a panel of IoT experts to discuss the use of IoT in farming.

On the farm, the weather drives decisions. If there is a drought you try to store if there is rain you try to divert. Whether drones are watching above or sensors are buried in the soil, they are being used to manage resources, optimize crop production and track equipment. This session explores the numerous ways farming is being optimized by IoT.

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