Cloud Management

Introduction In our previous Performing Cloud Assessments, we reviewed how you can reverse engineer a Azure cloud environment without having any enterprise or solution architecture documentation. One of the keep requirements for proper cloud management is to the proper use of meta-data tagging of resources. In this article we shall Read more…


Performing Cloud Assessments

Introduction Often when working with a new client we ask for their cloud enterprise and solution architecture documents, we consider this the explicit architecture*. The enterprise architecture documents would include things such as the Cloud Service Catalog, Reference Architectures, and such. The solution architecture document would be the detail design Read more…


Bash Shell Scripting

This post contains short tables of commonly used items in this shell. In most cases, the information applies to both the Bourne shell (sh) and the newer bash shell. The best resource for understanding existing shell scripts is explainshell You can learn shell scripting interactively online. Good practices: #!/bin/bash #Explicitly tell Read more…

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