I’ve shared with you Why everyone needs to be a programmer, and that The Cut and Paste programmer is not bad.

I’m here to tell you Why Linux is the best development environment.

Linux is Quick

You can create a Linux development environment in minutes.

Essential Linux command line tools can be easy found and quickly installed.

You can create Python work environments in minutes.

The only thing that takes time is understanding the Linux command prompt

The Shell

At the command line, basic tools can be strung together to make amazingly useful utilities. These can then be written to a quick shell script to make a ‘program’ of sorts.

Say you want to develop something that will list all the files of the current directory, with file details, sorted descending by file size, and results placed into a file named report.txt. All you need is:

$ ls -Sl . > report.txt

Full control

You get complete freedom and control over your operating system, which of course every developer loves. Instead of being closed and limited to a certain environment.

Helpful Communities

There’s an unbelievable amount of resources available to you as a Linux user.

Its Free

Both monetarily free and free as in freedom. Not really specific to developers, but it is a reason why most people love it.

I also believe there’s no better programming language than python. Be sure to read my introduction to Python programming

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